This program is funded with the support of the Alaska Department of Labor and the US Environmental Protection Agency.

Apprenticeship - Opportunities for Training, Employment, and Certification

General Information:

The Alaska Forum is the registered sponsor of the Environmental Technician Apprenticeship Program by the US Department of Labor. An Environmental Technician Apprentice will receive specific classroom instruction and work 4,000 hours of on-the-job training to develop skills as a proficient and versatile worker.

Open Application Period Open Feb 1, 2017 - April 28, 2017.

2017 Application Period Has Ended.  Our next application period will begin in January 2018.

2018 Applications will accepted for participation in the two week initial Core Training.  Participants that successfully complete this 2-week training will be considered for acceptance into the Apprenticeship Program and an additional 2-week training.

The number of those selected for Apprenticeship will be determined based upon the need of participating employers seeking an Environmental Technician Apprentice. Employers may also apply at any time to have an employee join the program to earn their certifications. So if you have a potential employer, contact us to determine how Apprenticeship can benefit you!

Trained Environmental Technicians:

Information for Apprentices:

Advantages to Apprentices:

The minimum starting wage for apprentices is about $15 per hour for on-the-job training with some variation amongst employers. Wages are not paid for related classroom instruction.