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Community of Tyonek:

Tyonek is located 43 miles southwest of Anchorage and has a population of 175 residents. The community is only accessible by air and boat. 

Tyonek Tribal Conservation District worked closely with the Community of Tyonek to complete its Green Star® Community award. Tyonek’s focus for the program was better solid waste management, a large-scale backhaul program, research into alternative energy for electricity, and weatherization of the tribal office. 

The community landfill was well-run and waste was segregated and staged for a future backhaul event.  Batteries and electronic waste was diverted from the landfill and staged for backhaul. Last year's backhaul effort removed several tons of lead-acid batteries from the community for recycling. 

Discarded tires were reused as filler material in a large boat planter box for the community. Tyonek explored biofuel as an alternative to buying power from Chugach Electric. The project utilized lumber, burned in high efficiency furnaces to produce electricity.

The community garden uses solar power to charge batteries used in the irrigation system and heating system for green houses. Volunteers help plant and maintain the community garden. Vegetables from the garden are provided to Elders in the community with the rest sold in Anchorage at the Farmers Market. Proceeds from the sale are used to help fund operation of the garden.  

Tyonek Tribal Conservation District replaced their old pick-up truck with a newer, more efficient side-by-side. The upgrade reduces carbon dioxide emmisions and helps to conserve fuel. Several town hall-type meetings were held to discuss a future backhaul effort. Many community members participated in the discussions and efforts are underway for a major backhaul event planned for the summer of 2018.