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Community of Chuathbaluk:

Chuathbaluk is located on the north bank of the Kuskokwim River, 11 miles upriver from Aniak in the Kilbuk-Kuskokwim mountains. It is 87 air miles northeast of Bethel and 310 miles west of Anchorage. Chuathbaluk has a current population of 145 residents.

Over the past year, the Chuathbaluk Traditional Council worked closely with the program to initiate "green" community standards. Solid waste was also a priority for this community and efforts were made to improve management. To complete their Green Star® Community award, Chuathbaluk weatherized the tribal office, researched LED lighting upgrades for public buildings, participated in a regional backhaul workgroup, and backhauled hundreds of pounds of lead-acid batteries out of the community for recycling.

Chuathbaluk’s solid waste program improvements include a trash baler staged at the landfill for compacting household waste. The baler consolidates and compacts garbage while reducing the need for heavy equipment operation at the landfill.  Recyclable and hazardous waste materials were separated and staged, and signs were posted in each staging area. Decades worth of old cars, snowmachines, transformers, and barrels of unknown substances staged throughout the community are a common concern in Chuathbaluk. Participation in a regional workgroup for a large region-wide backhaul program of the middle Kuskokwim is key for removal of these items. Weatherization of the Tribal Office was completed as part of the Green Star®Community Program. LED lighting and plastic film was purchased and installed to help reduce electric use in the office. The community of Chuathbaluk is researching a future LED lighting upgrade to replace current fixtures in public buildings and on light poles around the village.

Congratulations to the Community of Chuathbaluk on their Green Star® Community award!