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Community of Aniak:

Aniak is located 92 air miles northeast of Bethel and 317 miles west of Anchorage.  Aniak is located on the south bank of the Kuskokwim River and has a population of 525 residents. 

Both the City of Aniak and the Aniak Traditional Council signed the Green Star® Agreement and implemented Green Star® practices into their respective programs.  The City of Aniak agreed to take the lead on the program and made a commitment to future improvements for the community. Aniak’s program focused primarily on solid waste management and backhauling recyclable and hazardous material out of the community.

Lead-acid batteries, appliances, and electronic wastes were segregated in the landfill and diverted from the municipal solid waste stream. Last year, several hundred pounds of lead-acid batteries from the power plant were backhauled to Bethel for recycling. A future LED lighting upgrade was researched and is planned for public buildings and light poles around the community. Green up/Clean up and litter prevention programs were developed for the schools and implemented within the community. The City of Aniak posted signs and relayed VHF announcements to promote recommended landfill practices. The community worked hard on their short-term goals for completion of the award, but have big future plans for a regional Middle-Kuskokwim backhaul program.

Congratulations to Aniak on their Green Star® Community award!