Recent Green Star Awards 

Green Star awards were presented to seven businesses/organizations at the 2017 Alaska Forum on the Environment during Monday’s keynote luncheon. Over the past year, Green Star worked with many businesses and organizations towards the goal of reducing environmental impact and restructuring business practices to “think green”.  This year, the following seven businesses completed the Green Star process and earned their Green Star award, or, recertified their program by making improvements and completed the Green Star renewal certification:

Arctic Solar Ventures

Lifelong Alaskan, Stephen Trimble, founded Arctic Solar Ventures (ASV) in April 2015.  ASV’s main mission is renewable energy and being a force of good for society.    Free solar assessments are provided to customers to determine if solar power is an appropriate energy alternative for their home or business.

ASV is a tireless promoter renewable energy projects and is a preferred Green Star partner.  Stephen and his team at ASV assisted the Green Star Community program on several solar projects over the past year and have more planned for the future.  ASV has worked hard to bring renewable energy to remote communities, reduce dependence on expensive fossil fuels and provide sustainable energy for communities throughout Alaska.

To complete the Green Star program, Arctic Solar Ventures implemented a recycling program, both in their office and out in the field.  They also reduced water consumption through the use of low-flo faucets in restrooms and break room sinks.

Green Star congratulates Arctic Solar Ventures on their hard work in achieving the Green Star award.

BLM Campbell Tract Facility

The BLM Campbell Tract Facility is located in the heart of Anchorage and is home to the BLM Anchorage District and Anchorage Field Offices.  The Campbell Tract Facility supports the BLM Alaska State Office, BLM Alaska Fire Service, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Anchorage Field Office and an interagency dispatch center.  In addition to offices, the Campbell Tract Facility houses a warehouse, maintenance shop, communication sites, and an active airstrip and heliport. 

The Bureau of Land Management has taken its commitment to “go green” seriously.  BLM purchased green products whenever possible and all waste that could be recycled were recycled.  BLM implemented a shop heater to burn used-oil and jet fuel left over from field work.  In addition to avoiding disposal of fuel products, the used-oil burner offset some of the high heating costs in the maintenance shop. 

In 2015 BLM recycled:

 Over the past year, the BLM Campbell Tract facility worked hard to reduce electricity usage by converting light fixtures to LED wherever possible and practiced energy savings by turning lights off in empty rooms.  Further impact was reduced through the use of a “Green Purchasing program” where bio-based cleaning materials were used instead of hazardous chemicals.   To round out their Green Star program, BLM installed low and ultra-low flow plumbing fixtures to reduce water consumption and initiated a program to replace heating fuels with cleaner, cheaper natural gas.

Congratulations to BLM – Campbell Tract – Anchorage Field Office on their Green Star award!

Central Recycling Service (CRS)  

CRS has been a strong Green Star partner and continues to promote pollution prevention standards through public outreach and through diversion of tons of material from the landfill. Over the past year CRS partnered with the Green Communities program and played a vital roll in backhauling recyclable and hazardous waste material from rural communities throughout Alaska. 

CRS operates two recycling yards in the Ship Creek area of Anchorage. The main facility accepts material from full-scale construction and demolition projects and recycles material such as concrete, asphalt and glass for re-use.  The second CRS yard is focused on metals from many sources including; direct buy from customers, material from site demolition, and remote site clean up work. They also take complex materials including vehicles, batteries, compressors and catalytic converters.

CRS focuses not only on recycling, but on reuse. CRS has an inventory of surplus and used construction materials, vehicles, and equipment for sale.  CRS developed an online auction site making it easier for potential buyers to see what is in their constantly changing inventory.  Over the past year, CRS maintained over a 75% recycling rate on the business end, resulting in environmental sustainability in its operations. Finally, CRS used waste oil for shop heating, implemented a recycling program for its offices, and upgraded to LED lighting in its shop

Green Star congratulates Central Recycling Services on their Green Star award!

K2 Aviation

K2 Aviation Service is currently Denali National Park’s Highest Scoring glacier landing company.  The flight seeing service shows visitors the wonders of Denali National Park and the Alaska Range from the air.  Through its pioneering approach of using larger planes for flight seeing tours, K2 has been able to maximize the number of visitors able to experience glacier landings in the park while, at the same time maintain a smaller footprint and reduce overall impact per visitor.  K2’s motto of “flying better, safer and more efficiently” promotes Green Star core principles.

Every year, K2 flies scores of climbers up to explore and climb Denali.  Climbers and support personnel require tons of materials for climbing operations, but in turn generates a lot of waste.  K2 is tasked with backhauling much of the climber generated waste off the mountain.  The waste is staged at their Talkeetna base and taken for disposal at an approved landfill.

Green Star standards are practiced by employees and visitors alike at the K2 home office.  Recycling is collected and low flow faucets are used to reduce water consumption.  Used engine oil is collected from K2’s fleet of planes and ground transportation vehicles and burned to heat the primary maintenance hanger.  Burning used oil for energy recovery not only reduces fuel costs, but also keeps hazardous substances from being disposed of off-site.  The used oil program has expanded to include K2’s partner company, Rust’s flying Service, and their fleet of vehicles.

Rust’s Flying Service

Rust’s Flying Service is owned and operated by the Rust family and is Lake Hood’s oldest and largest seaplane operator.  Rust’s Flying Service like its sister company K2, has worked hard to streamline operations and allow more visitors to witness remote Alaska through the use of larger planes.  This helps to lower costs, and reduces the overall visitor impact to the environment.

Rust’s worked hard through the Green Star program to promote a green sustainable business model.   Recycling is offered in the lobby for guests, and paper brochures used for advertising has largely been replaced with electronic media.  Rust’s recently replaced several older vehicles with newer more fuel-efficient models and offers pick-up to and from the airport so guests do not have to rent a vehicle. 

Congratulations to K2 Aviation and Rust’s Flying Service on their efforts in achieving the Green Star award.

Toast of the Town

Toast of the Town, ToTT, is an event coordinator service that hosts social events throughout Anchorage.  ToTT has been active over the past year promoting Green Star standards at its events.  Several ToTT events were certified “Green Events” with many more “Green Events” planned for the future.  ToTT has been hands-on educating clients on Green Event standards. For clients to qualify their event as a “Green Event”, they have to implement; reduced paper consumption by using social media for advertising, use re-usable containers instead of disposable plastics where possible, look at ways to reduce energy and water consumption at events, and of course recycle!  From compostable cups, to re-usable cloth napkins, to the use of bamboo cutlery, ToTT has striven to be a leader in sustainable “green” event planning and change the way events are planned in Anchorage. 

Momentum is gaining in Anchorage’s event planning circles to “go green”, thanks in large part to Toast of the Town.  

Congratulations to Toast of the Town for completing the Green Star award!

Renewable Energy Alaska Project

Renewable Energy Alaska Project (REAP) was the final organization to accept the Green Star award at the Alaska Forum luncheon.  Piper Foster Wilder, Deputy Director, Henry Hundt, Energy Conservation Fellow and Colleen Fisk, Energy Education Director, were in attendance to accept the Green Star program award.  REAP has been a dedicated partner to the Green Star program through public outreach and support on energy efficiency projects.

REAP’s primary goal was to increase the production of renewable energy in Alaska and bring the benefits of clean, economic and inexhaustible renewable power to the citizens of Alaska. REAP also promotes energy efficiency and conservation as a way to reduce residents’ energy bills and potentially avoid construction of expensive new power plants.

REAP’s current initiatives include working to improve the efficiency of the Railbelt electricity grid, advancing microgrids through the Alaska Microgrid Partnership and the Islanded Grid Resource Center; education of K-12 students statewide through the AK Energy Smart and Wind for Schools curricula; and the promotion of holistic community development through the Sustainable Southeast Partnership.

REAP was also busy bringing the next generation of Renewable Energy projects to Alaska.  REAP played an integral role in 2010 in the passage of two energy laws critical to ensuring Alaskans have a steady, long-term supply of energy at stable prices. 

Congratulations to the Renewable Energy Alaska Project on their dedication to the Great State of Alaska and for achieving the Green Star award.

A big thank-you to all of this years Green Star awardees.  We appreciate the dedication and hard work and look forward to great things from these companies and organizations in the future.