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The Alaska Forum on the Environment Keynote Presenters for 2014 :

Our Keynote presentations are locked in! We will be adding them here as we announce them via our newsletters.


Chad Pregracke, Living Lands And Waters

CNN Hero of the Year...Chad Pregracke is a modern-day leader and proof that one person can make a difference. What started as one man’s crusade to clean up the Mississippi River has evolved into a cultural movement that has resulted in over 7 million pounds of garbage being cleaned out of America’s rivers. The vision and leadership skill that Chad possesses has inspired more than 70,000 people to volunteer their time and resources. This keynote event will provide on a journey to discover a world filled with lively characters, colorful places and gripping adventures as part of Chad’s quest to clean America’s major rivers. From the darkness of underwater shell diving, to the brightness of a river clean up involving hundreds of volunteers from a local community, Chad’s tale embodies the importance of setting lofty goals, staying determined when the going gets tough and creating a solid team dynamic even in the most difficult of environments. Chad’s sincere enthusiasm creates an uplifting wave for audiences of all ages as he relates his personal convictions and struggles regarding cleaning up America’s rivers.



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